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Kids Paper Disco - Tropical Safari Party

Paper Disco

Kids Paper Disco is the brightest and most unforgettable entertainment that will impress both children and adults! Three, two, one ... and hundreds paper strips cover everyone around. It is impossible to convey all the storm of emotions that children experience, lying on a soft air cushion made of multi-colored paper, dressing in paper outfits and throwing confetti over their heads!

In our paper disco, we use only high quality paper that does not produce dust (easy to clean afterwards) and safe for kids (it would never cut kids hands). For each show we use new paper, you can either keep it for yourself or we can dispose it after show.

Tissue Paper Disco - 30 min

1 Assistant

Plenty of tissue paper strips (choose from white, rainbow, pink, blue, or mix few different colours)

Lighting (party globe)

Paper Blow Machine

Basic Clean up


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